WiFi – Free Doesn’t Mean Safe

Do you rely on Wi-Fi while at a restaurant or hotel? While on business trips or vacations, selecting a hotel with Wi-Fi access is crucial to staying connected to the rest of the world. Many people do not realize the security risks of accessing Wi-Fi outside of your home. Most people are willing to sacrifice

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Over £100,000 Lost to Phishers!

Over the last couple of years, United Kingdom University students have been conned over £100,000 by Student Loan Company scammers. Nearly 72 students were victims of phishing and had their funds taken from them between the start of the 2015 academic year and December 2017. Typically, people become victims of phishing when they open official

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Regularly Updating Your Computer To Eliminate Vulnerabilities!

As technology continues to grow, there is an emphasis of protecting your computer due to ransom-ware vulnerabilities. Microsoft became aware of this vulnerability and emphasized the importance of keeping your computer updated. The customers of Microsoft that decided not to update their computers were more vulnerable to attacks, so it is crucial to regularly update

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Are You at Risk of Becoming a Cybercrime Victim?

Why should I care about Cyber Security? In 2017, cyber-criminals stole nearly $172 billion from 978 million consumers in 20 countries. Many of us believe that our private information is secure on our personal computers; however, that is not the case. Criminal activities that are carried out by an individual or group of individuals through

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Petya Ransomware Infections are storming the Internet and the world!

HOMELAND SECURITY WARNING – PLEASE SHARE!: Please be on the alert; Homeland Security just released the following report regarding Petya Ransomware Infections. “US-CERT has received multiple reports of Petya ransomware infections occurring in networks in many countries around the world Petya ransomware encrypts the master boot records of infected Windows computers, making affected machines unusable.

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